In addition to the wide variety of customization and add-ons provided for our storage buildings, we are now working with Solar Blaster®, a company which produces solar-powered roof vent fans, allowing increased air-flow and circulation.

Traditional turbines require wind to function – but by using solar technology, the Solar Blaster® fans function as self-powered units, ensuring your shed or building stays ventilated no matter the weather, regulating interior-to-exterior temperature difference to prevent overheating and condensation, a common cause of mold!

These wonderful devices have an array of benefits which make them hard to resist!

  • Consistent Roof Ventilation
  • Increased Roof Life
  • Economical and Self-powered
  • Easy Installation
  • Eco-Friendly Solar Power

Be sure to ask about getting a Solar Blaster® fan installed on your shed or building when you stop by, or contact us with any questions!